FREE Parent Session with Dr. Rene Hackney – January 18th

Parent Education Session with Dr. Rene: How to Nurture Positive Discipline 

Join us on Saturday, Jan. 18th from 9:30 – 11:30 am at our Gainesville school to learn from Dr. Rene Hackney about Positive Discipline.

As parents of Montessori children, we know that disciplining our children should be positive, constructive and rational.  However, despite good intentions, we sometimes find ourselves yelling, fibbing and using threats and bribes to shape our children’s behavior.   This type of discipline often backfires and reinforces negative behavior – exactly the opposite of our intention.

 Please join Dr. Rene as she introduces the concept of Positive Discipline and addresses the following:

  • How can we discipline while also being kind, firm and respectful to our children?
  • What are alternative ways to say “no”
  • How should we handle tantrums, whining and power struggles?