Dr. Maria Montessori saw infant caregivers as extensions of the child’s parents. Our Montessori Infant environment is a genuine home away from home for your family. We are a family space that focuses on what is best for your baby. Our infants will explore the sights, sounds, and feel of the world and develop important social, physical, cognitive and emotional skills. Freedom to move is essential to the development of an infant’s potential. Our soft, cozy, and home-like environment allows your baby to safely explore the classroom.

Our rooms are set up with textured rugs to crawl or roll on, low shelves with objects to play with, and a bar they can use to pull up on and cruise around the room. Our classrooms offer plenty of open spaces to allow for crawling and walking.

MCDBG’s Infant Program provides infants with a safe environment full of opportunity for active exploration and enjoyment.

We offer a simple, clean, and beautifully arranged nursery featuring a variety of materials ranging in nature, texture, and color. All furnishings are infant and toddler sized, promoting accessibility to children as they become mobile. Our goal is to foster basic trust with our caregivers responding appropriately to the infant’s need to be loved, respected and accepted.

Dr. Montessori believed that an extraordinary amount of development takes place in the first year of life. Your child will be encouraged and motivated by beautiful, simple works on low shelves, art, and mirrors at their level. We provide warm spaces to snuggle, observe, and move. Gentle, soft voices of caregivers are focused on your individual child’s needs. We observe and follow your baby’s individual feeding, napping, and playing schedule, while providing ample opportunities for social engagement with classmates and teachers. By following the child, we do our best work! MCDBG’s Infant Program will ensure that you and your child feel safe, encouraged, and loved.