FREE Parent Session with Dr. Rene Hackney – November 16

Saturday, November 16, 9:30-11:30am

Look around your child’s classroom.  You will soon notice that the Montessori materials he/she interacts with are all designed to encourage your child to have the kind of purposeful interactions that will help them carry through with a plan, internalize rules and expectations, control impulsive behavior, and stay focused.   Dr. Maria Montessori was on to something when she famously said “Play is the Work of the Child”.  Play isn’t a simple matter of having fun. Instead, play helps children develop what is now referred to in child-development circles as executive function (EF) skills.

While this may sound like the curriculum for an M.B.A. course in corporate management, it is during the preschool years that these cognitive and emotion-regulation skills are introduced and learned. EF is a neuroscience term that refers to a person’s ability to organize thoughts, plan behaviors, say no to impulses, and manage between what she’s feeling and what she does.

Dr. Rene’s Workshop will teach parents what activities are important for them to engage in with their children in order to help build their Executive Function and Self-Regulation skills.

We hope you can join us for this valuable and informative session with Dr. Rene.

ALL are welcome!  Please bring a friend with you!

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