Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp Program is open to all children between the ages of 2 to 9 years, regardless of whether they are currently enrolled at MCDB.   We especially love to welcome back MCDBG alumni students!

Please note that the school will be closed for students on the following dates:

  • July 3rd (Independence Day Holiday)
  • August 24th– August 28th(New School Year Planning/CPR/First Aid training, etc.)


  • Children who have a 12 month contract for school year 2020-2021 will automatically be enrolled in all the summer camps with no additional fee.

The weekly camp fees are as follows (for those children not on a 12 month contract):

Toddler Tuition

8:45am - 11:45am$275/week
($225 for the week of July 4th)
8:45am - 03:00pm$375/week
8:45am - 06:30pm$450/week
8:45am - 03:00pm$1,250/month
8:45am - 06:30pm$1,500/month

The tuition for 2 or more consecutive weeks will be pro-rated according to this monthly tuition.

Primary Tuition

8:45am - 11:45am$250/week
($225 for the week of July 4th)
8:45am - 03:00pm$325/week
8:45am - 06:30pm$425/week
8:45am - 03:00pm$1,250/month
8:45am - 06:30pm$1,425/month

Note: Must be toilet-trained.

The tuition for 2 or more consecutive weeks will be pro-rated according to this monthly tuition.

Pre-Primary Class

During the summer months, we continue to provide our toddlers with a prepared environment that encourages independent exploration and movement. The children will work with developmentally appropriate Montessori materials to satisfy their inner impulse for learning.

Primary Transition Class

The transition class is geared towards three year olds, particularly those new to Montessori and those transitioning from the pre-primary class to the primary class. When the children initially enter the primary classroom, the Montessori trained teacher will introduce them to all the different areas of the classroom. The students will experience what a typical schedule is like in the primary classroom, with the benefit of a smaller teacher/student ratio than in a typical primary class. The students will experience the full work cycle including circle time and independent work time. The smaller class size will help the younger students get accustomed to becoming more independent with snack and lunch time, in addition to toileting and using the bathroom on their own.

Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp Program is for children ages four and over. During the summer, we carefully put away many of our Montessori materials, and turn our attention to a variety of exciting, weekly themes. These themes offer a fun way to focus on special areas of interest that we are not able to delve into during the school year. Due to the pandemic this summer, we will continue with our Traditional Montessori lessons for children 4 and older.  Please see here for the details of the curriculum.