Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp Program is open to all children between the ages of 2 to 9 years, regardless of whether they are currently enrolled at MCDB.   We especially love to welcome back MCDBG alumni students!

Please note that the school will be closed for students on the following dates:

  • June 22nd – June 26th(Summer Camp Preparation)
  • July 3rd (Independence Day Holiday)
  • August 24th– August 28th(New School Year Planning/CPR/First Aid training, etc.)


  • Children who have a 12 month contract for school year 2020-2021 will automatically be enrolled in all the summer camps with no additional fee.

The weekly camp fees are as follows (for those children not on a 12 month contract):

Pre-Primary Tuition

8:45am - 11:45am$275/week
($225 for the week of July 4th)
8:45am - 03:00pm$375/week
8:45am - 06:30pm$450/week
8:45am - 03:00pm$1,250/month
8:45am - 06:30pm$1,500/month

The tuition for 2 or more consecutive weeks will be pro-rated according to this monthly tuition.

Primary Tuition

8:45am - 11:45am$250/week
($225 for the week of July 4th)
8:45am - 03:00pm$325/week
8:45am - 06:30pm$425/week
8:45am - 03:00pm$1,250/month
8:45am - 06:30pm$1,425/month

Note: Must be toilet-trained.

The tuition for 2 or more consecutive weeks will be pro-rated according to this monthly tuition.

Pre-Primary Class

During the summer months, we continue to provide our toddlers with a prepared environment that encourages independent exploration and movement. The children will work with developmentally appropriate Montessori materials to satisfy their inner impulse for learning.

Primary Transition Class

The transition class is geared towards three year olds, particularly those new to Montessori and those transitioning from the pre-primary class to the primary class. When the children initially enter the primary classroom, the Montessori trained teacher will introduce them to all the different areas of the classroom. The students will experience what a typical schedule is like in the primary classroom, with the benefit of a smaller teacher/student ratio than in a typical primary class. The students will experience the full work cycle including circle time and independent work time. The smaller class size will help the younger students get accustomed to becoming more independent with snack and lunch time, in addition to toileting and using the bathroom on their own.

Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp Program is for children ages four and over. During the summer, we carefully put away many of our Montessori materials, and turn our attention to a variety of exciting, weekly themes. These themes offer a fun way to focus on special areas of interest that we are not able to delve into during the school year. Please take a moment to look at the various themes we will feature this summer.

Birthday Bash – Red, White and Blue (Monday, June 29th – Thursday, July 2nd)

Our students will celebrate our Nation’s Birthday by celebrating family, community, and the traditions that make our nation special. We will learn about the history of how our country was formed and the importance of the Declaration of Independence. We will talk about how our country is based on a common idea that people should have the freedom to live the way they want and to work and earn money the best way they can. These freedoms have inspired people from all over the world to come to this country and become “Americans”. We will
introduce a variety of monuments and landmarks in our nation’s capital that proudly
commemorate our nation’s history. Campers will learn what the symbols of our nation’s flag
mean, while making their very own flag. As the holiday celebration approaches, they will
prepare food and make noisemakers, pinwheels and fireworks inspired art for the party.

We will end the week with a birthday bash with patriotic party games and food!

Kitchen Chemistry (Monday, July 6th – Friday, July 10th)

Have you ever thought about the kitchen as a science lab? This week we will use everyday
kitchen items to create and observe chemistry at work! Cooking is a perfect combination of
math and science, as we measure, weigh and combine our ingredients. Baking is an
endothermic reaction, meaning when you add heat to something, it changes. We will probe
deeper and explore how different ingredients affect our final product. What happens when we
leave out the oil or the baking powder? How does the appearance and taste change? We will
investigate how chemistry is involved as we make our own bread, butter and ice cream. We
will also experiment with colorful, fizzy and explosive reactions. Grab your apron and your
beaker, it is time to cook up some science in the kitchen!

Field Trip – Our week will culminate with a visit to a local restaurant’s kitchen to see how they use science to make delicious food for their customers.

Tell Me More! Folktales from Around the World (Monday, July 13th – Friday, July 17th )

A folktale is a story passed down verbally from generation to generation. Each storyteller adds something new to the stories, making them more interesting and
fascinating as the ages pass. Different folktales bear the characteristics of the culture, folklore
and customs of the people from which they originated. Storytelling gives children the unique
opportunity to learn about new places, develop empathy for new cultures, while also learning
about story structure, and encouraging creative thinking and dialogue. This week we will
explore different type of stories and the many ways they are told through words, pictures,
dance, music, puppetry and more! We will explore classic folktales from around the world and
take turns telling stories of our own created through various word and prop prompts.

Presentation – Our week will conclude with a visit from one our favorite storytellers, who will share stories and songs of hope, courage, victory and joy, using a drum and other instruments to bring his magical stories to life.

Cultivating Future Coders! (Monday, July 20th – Friday, July 24th)

Are kids too young to code? The answer is no! We will work at the child’s level to lay a foundation so they can begin to think like a computer programmer at a young age. In simple
terms, Coding is telling a computer (or website or app) what you want it to do. Learning to
code helps children develop new ways of thinking by breaking up big problems into smaller
steps. We will explore the beginning concepts of coding, not by using a computer, but by
playing coding games in a fun, interactive way such as solving treasure hunts, mazes, story
sequences, puzzles and building blocks. We will work on mastering sequencing, pattern
recognition and if/then conditional logic. We will sharpen our logical thinking and problem
solving skills as we build persistence, resilience and determination – all important skills in
today’s world.

Love Planet Earth (Monday, July 27th – Friday, July 31st)

We will celebrate Planet Earth this week! We will investigate many different aspects of nature
as we experience the sights, sounds and textures of the outdoors. We will explore, soil, water,
seeds, animals and insects. We will get outside, prepare garden beds and plant seeds, using
rain water to help them grow. We will look for animals and insects in our backyard. We will
make crafts such as seed bombs, bird feeders, nature art, pressed flowers and more. We will
introduce the concept of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” and learn practical ways we can help
keep Planet Earth healthy for many generations to come.

Field Trip: Our week will end with a visit to a local park for a guided nature walk.

Let the Games Begin! Summer Olympics 2020 (Monday, August 3rd – Friday, August 7th)

Tokyo, Japan will host the Summer Olympics this summer, where athletes from all over the
world will compete for the Gold! This exciting tradition started in Ancient Greece and brings
countries together for friendly competition every four years. As the spotlight shines on this
unique country, we will learn all about Japanese culture, geography, customs and celebrations.
We will learn about Taiko drums, the Shishimai Lion Dance and the art of Mochi Rice pounding.
We will bring the Olympic spirit to life by playing a variety of sports featured in the Summer
Games, such as archery, basketball, karate, table tennis and track/field.

We will hold our own MCDBC Olympic Games, ending with a colorful Closing Ceremony!

Hawaiian Islands – Aloha! Adventure(Monday, August 10th – Friday, August 14th)

Aloha! Students will experience a week-long study of Hawaii, learning all about the history,
music, customs and natural landscape, animals and cuisine of our 50th state. Students will learn
that Hawaii is an archipelago of eight major island formed by Volcanic Activity. They will also be
introduced to the plant and animal species of the islands. Our Music teacher will be on hand to
teach Hawaiian music and help the children learn to play the ukulele. The children will make
leis and grass skirts, along with preparing food, music and dance activities in preparation for our
own colorful luau party to end the week.

Presentation: The week will also feature a special presentation by a member of a local Hula Dance troop.

Piece by Piece Art (Monday, August 17th – Friday, August 21st)

A mosaic is a piece of art or image made from the assembling of small pieces of colored glass,
stone, shells, beads or other materials. Since ancient times, mosaics have mesmerized humans
with their dazzling colors and distinctive aesthetic. Mosaic art stretches back to Mesopotamia
in the 3rd millennium BC and extends to exciting contemporary works as well. After studying
ancient and modern mosaics, our young artists will design and create their own, with a variety
of materials, both individually and as a group.

Field Trip – We will visit a local art gallery to gather ideas and inspiration for our own mosaic artwork!